Heath Music

During this COVID-19 crisis, I'm offering some compositions and arrangements for band ensemble. These are provided with a set of parts, and a sound track to play along with.

I have tried to take care with the presentation of these scores, but you will find that some are in a more "finished" state than others. Everything presented here should be playable, and I am gradually working to create a better quality working set. Please let me know of mistakes or missing parts.

I'm not asking for payment for any of these, but as time passes I will put up a PalPay gate for any gift contributions you might like to make. This money will used to support my local band.

Four and Five Part Ensemble

Many small brass groups operate as quartet and quintets, and this music will suit that configuration. I have tried to be as generous as possible with part allocations and in providing transposing parts. For example, where feasible, the top line part can be played by a cornet or a soprano cornet. Where it is feasible in the range, part two might be cornet or horn (tenor horn or horn in F), and lower inner parts are also provided as horn, euphonium or trombone parts in treble or bass clef. The lowest part is available for E flat or B flat bass, or a bass clef tuba part.

If you find you need an different transposition, please let me know.

Bare Bones Brass Band (BBBB):

BBBB is a new brass band format. The idea is to have all the essential parts compressed into a set of about 7 parts, plus a percussion part. Each of the seven parts is made available for two or more instruments. The idea is that part allocation can be made as flexibly as is reasonably possible.

The reasoning behind this BBBB concept is that many bands struggle to find players, and it can be demoralising to keep playing rehearsals with key parts missing. With the BBBB arrangements, all the key parts are distributed within the minimal 7 part arrangment. I suspect, following COVID-19, there will be even greater strain on the Brass Band movevement, and more bands will find themselves unable to continue in their present form.

The BBBB format means that bands will be able to continue to play concerts and music in the park without the worry of not being able to field a full band. You will be able to play a proper band concert with only about seven players and a percussionist. My band does it already, and so can you!

Contact details:

Alison McMillan at ajmcmillan17@gmail.com.

Four part arrangements

  • A selection of Methodist Hymns Scores
    • Will your anchor hold? (WJ Kirkpatrick) midi
    • Washed in the Blood of the Lamb (TC O'Kane) midi
    • Jerusalem the Golden! (A Ewing) midi
    • I heard the Voice of Jesus say (JB Dykes) midi
    • Coming, coming, Yes they are (Rev E Husband) midi
    • What a friend we have in Jesus! (CC Converse midi
  • H Purcell Queen's Funeral Music, March
  • A Sullivan The Long Day Closes

Five part arrangements

  • Traditional, Maria durch ein Dornwald ging, Scores and Midi. For Easter or Christmas.
  • PI Tchaikovsky, Legend, Scores and Midi. For Easter or Christmas, and features Part [5]: Trombone, Euphonium or Horn

Bare Bones Brass Band (BBBB):

  • Useful set: National Anthem, Happy Birthday, Rule Britannia, The British Grenadiers, and Auld Lang Syne Scores
  • JS Bach, Air from Suite in D Major Scores and Midi
  • C Debussy, Jimbo's Lullaby from Children's Corner Scores and Midi. Features B flat bass.
  • GF Handel, Air, from the Water Music Scores and Midi
  • GF Handel, Three Fois, from the Water Music Scores Midi
  • Offenbach, Minuet and Galop from Orpheus in the Underworld Scores, Minuet Midi and Galop Midi
  • Thomas Mason, Newcastle under Lyme Volunteers Polka Scores and Midi. Features Cornet [1] and Euphonium [6]. To find out more about Thomas Mason and this piece of music, see my YouTube presentation.