A New Novum Organum for the 21st Century?

The "Bacon2020 Project" of Afternoon Discussions is now ended

This page will remain open, with some links to some of the talks and topics that have been discussed, and possibly some reviews of the programme to follow later.

In the slightly longer term we expect to be able to announce some follow-on lectures and activities, so bookmark this page and come back soon. All the new things will be announced here, as well as through various other outlets.

Topics & Talks

The project addressed themes along the lines of:

  • Science and how we "do" Science
  • Science futures: what are the Imperatives?
  • Science Outreach, Education and Influence

Towards the end of the project, our ideas converged on the issues facing humankind today, and Bacon's imperative, "For the Relief of Man's Estate". We have taken that imperative and updated it to reflect the modern needs, "For the Relief of Our Planet". By looking back at the past, and placing ourselves in Bacon's shoes, we now transport ourselves back to the present time with new insights as to how to Use Science, Manage Science Development, Steer through today's Politics, and Influence Thought Leaders, in order to address the Crisis Problems.

News Items and Further Links

This sort of information will appear here when it is ready for publication.

Background & Bibliography
The Organiser

Alison McMillan, Prof in Aerospace Technology, Wrexham Glyndwr University and Chair IOP Wales.

a.mcmillan@glyndwr.ac.uk or ajmcmillan17@gmail.com.